Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wings Valentine Parents Night Out

Wings is having a Valentine Parents Night Out of Friday February 13th from 6:00-8:30pm.  Come join us for Pizza, Marshmallow and Candy Heart games and Valentine Water Globes.  The cost is $20 for the first child and $10 for each additional.  Registration is required and can be done via the parent portal.  Spots are limited so sign up fast.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Skill Of the Week- Cartwheels!

The Cartwheel-

Skill of the Week Contest Rules. Take a video of your child doing any our our 3 Home Drills listed below, or a video of your kiddo doing the skill in the gym. Then post it to your Facebook page or Instagram account and tag Wings! Don't forget to LIKE Wings on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to be qualified to win a FREE OPEN GYM PASS! You do not need to be enrolled in a class to Win!

Why is the Cartwheel important?

The cartwheel is a basic skill in gymnastic that transfer into more advanced tumbling on floor and beam, and also prepares the gymnast for vault entries and different vaults skills. Basically we use it ALL THE TIME!!

How are we learning Cartwheels in class?

Preschool Ages- We do many different cartwheel drills in our preschool classes. The bear dance- the one where they put their hands on the ground and kick their feet around in a circle- is one of my favorites. We also kick our feet over French fires and try out the cartwheel mat.  We do not expect preschoolers to be able to do a full cartwheel, but it is something we are preparing for!!

School-ages- In our older classes we work cartwheels a lot!! The lunge we talked about last week is a very important shape for our cartwheels. We work on starting and landing in our lunges. We work on feet facing the right way, and we work on stretching them out by doing cartwheels down a mat.

The Cartwheel deconstructed-
1. Start in a good lunge shape. My first shape in the video above. 
2. Reach hands out in front of feet. Hands should not hit the floor right next to or in behind feet.
3. Fingers turn sideways and legs kick one at a time. Straight legs like a windmill.
4. Feet land facing the opposite direction In a good lunge shape again! 

See this video to see the cartwheel deconstructed.

3 Home Drills Conditioning- Try these at Home to help improve your cartwheel! Video below.

1. Practice a good Lunge Shape. 

2. Practice reaching for your cartwheel into a wall. Start in your lunge. Lean forward into a T-Lever and reach hands out and turn them to the side. Come back into lunge. This will help with the lunge in and out of the cartwheel.

3. Spagetti and Meatballs! - tuck ups

Have fun!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wings Summer Care & Camps Coming this Summer in our New Gym!!

Wings Summer Care Day Camp is a great way to spend the summer!  We will hold an array of activities throughout the summer. Each week kids will spend time in structured gym time as well as open gym time. We also will have other activities planned during the day such as crafts, outdoor time/games, etc. Camps will run daily from 8-5:00 (drop-off no earlier than 7:40, pick up no later than 5:20) You can sign up for a half day, 1 day, 1 week, 
multiple weeks, or the whole summer! Let your kids work off some energy in the gym! Day Camp is for kiddos kindergarten (at least 5) and up! We may have 1/2 day camps available for younger children. We will keep you updated!

How do you sign up?
We will be holding a Sign Up Day Feb 21st at lil’ Wings! (3612 S Southeastern Ave) We will be taking registrations for Full Summer Care first. Then we will open Weekly Registrations. WE WILL NOT be taking Daily Registrations until May.  Registrations will be accepted First Come, First Serve. So get there early! This is also a great time to come in and ask questions. 

Sign Up Times:
Full Summer Care: Feb 21st 9:00am
Weekly Summer Care: Feb 21st 10:30am

The First 12 spots Will be Guaranteed. After 12 we will start a waitlist and will let you know no 
later than March 31st if you are enrolled for summer based on interest and availability.

Sample daily schedule: (there will be some form of structured gym every day)
7:40-8:00 Drop Off
8:00-9:00 Open Gym Time
9:00-10:00 First Gymnastics Rotation (2 events)
10:00-10:30 Morning Snack
10:30-11:30 Outside Time
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-1:00 Quiet Time- reading, movie, etc.
1:00-1:30 Open Gym
1:30-2:30 2nd Gymnastics Rotation (2 events)
2:30-3:00 Afternoon Snack
3:00-4:00 Outside Group Games/ Craft
4:00-5:00 Open Gym
5:00-5:20 Pick up

Camp Costs: 
1/2 Day Rate $25.00 a day (8-12:00 or 1-5:00 based on space available)
Daily Camp Rate: $45.00 a day  (based on space available)
One Week Camp Rate: $150.00 a week
Multiple Weeks Rate: $135.00 a week
Full Summer Camp Rate: $120.00 a week

10% discount for additional children.
Week 1 will be a 4 day camp and will be prorated accordingly because of Memorial Day.

Camp Weeks:

Week 1- Flipping for Summer               Week 2- Swinging Safari                                   Week 3- Carwheels and Campfires
May 26th-29th                                      June 1st-5th                                                        June 8th-12th

Week 4- Handstand Science               Week 5-Rock and Roll                                       Week 6- Flip Across America
June 15th-19th                                      June 22nd-26th                                                  June 29th-July 3rd

Week 7- Somersaulting Superheroes Week 8-Leaping Lizards and Creepy Crawlies Week 9-Tumbling Timbleweeds in the Wild West
July 6th- 10th                                      July 13th-17th                                                     July 20th-24th

Week 10-Wings Got Talent                   Week 11- Soar through Space                           Week 12- Say Goodbye to Summer
July  27th-31st                                       Aug 3rd-7th                                                       Aug 10th-14th

Additional info: Camper is responsible for packing 2 small snacks and a sack lunch. NOTE: We are a peanut free facility.

New Class Starting Soon! Wings Gym n' Sing n' Spout!

We are so excited to be adding a wonderful program to our program at Wings!! We are adding Sing n' Sprout to our program and pairing it with gym time!

Sing n' Sprout is a Christian based music and movement class. It is fun and exciting and kids just love it!

The class will be for Parents and Kiddos ages 6 mo to 5 years. Each class will consist of 30 mins of Sign N' Sprouts and 30 mins of Open Play time in the gym.

To find out more about Sing n' Sprout click visit their website at www.singnsprout.com.

We will put out more information about this class as soon as we have it available!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wings First Skill of the Week- The Handstand!

We are starting something new here at Wings. It is the Skill of the Week. We will be posting our skill on this blog. The goal of this is to teach our kids and parents a little more about what we are learning in the gym and why. Hopefully this will help parents identify some of the skills happening around the gym also. Each week we will learn the what, when, and why of our skill. Then I will post 3 drills that can be done at home to help you or your child improve that skill.

Skill of the Week Contest Rules. Take a video of you or your child doing any our our 3 Home Drills listed below, or a video of your kiddo doing the skill in the gym. Then post it to your Facebook page or Instagram account and tag Wings! Don't forget to LIKE Wings on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to be qualified to win! You do not need to be enrolled in a class to Win!

We are kicking off our skill of the week with a Handstand. The video above is of one our Advanced Beginner Girls. The first skill she does is a lever, which is the first step to a handstand. The second skill is a full handstand.

Why is a handstand important?

I got this great explanation of the USA Gymnastics website from an article called The Handstand is the Most Important Skill.

By Karen M. Goeller GymnasticsDrills.com 

The Handstand is the most important skill in our sport and remaining tight is essential!Gymnasts of all levels perform the handstand several times throughout their workout. While performing many skills in gymnastics, the gymnast must actually pass through the handstand or vertical phase safely and efficiently. Without a good handstand a gymnast may have trouble building skills and therefore progressing through the sports many levels safely and efficiently. 

How are we Learning Handstands in Class?

Many of the drills we do around the gym help us with our handstand shape. In our preschool age classes we work he haws, levers, and lunges every class. We also those super fun Handstand Walk the Walls that the kids love so much. They are an important first step! This is preparing your child to learn the full handstand later. 

In our beginner rec classes we work hallow body shapes and levers and handstands with their coach each week. We also do many different drills in our stations. One of my favorite stations, I am sure you have seen the kids do, is handstands against the wedges. This lets them balance on their hands while we can fix their body shape. 

What are the Most Important Parts of the Handstand?

1. Tight body shape!!! 
2. Head in!- this means ears should be between their arms.
3. Good lunge in and out- meaning we start with one leg in front, kick up one foot at a time, and then come back down one foot at a time back into our lunge with our arms by our ears.

3 Home Drills- Try these at home to help improve our Handstands!!

1. Hallow body Holds!!! These help the gymnast learn to squeeze their body properly.
2. Holding a push-up shape- Does the same as the Hallow Body Holds
3. Practice a good Lunge Shape- One leg in front, Straight Arms by Ears, Body should be straight from finger tips to the heel of the back leg

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wall panels are up!

Now onto the big windows. It is all starting to come together! I cannot wait until we are in. What a change it will be from our current space. I am most excited to see the kids reaction the first time they walk in. It will be amazing.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Construction is coming along!

It has been a slower week due to the weather but the blue panels are going up. We also have all the headers done so we can start studding out the second floor. As soon as the walls are up and windows are in we will be in the home stretch! We are hoping to start setting up equipment in a few weeks! Right now the goal will be to have a grand opening in Feb. Hopefully everything will stay on track so that is the case!